Halloween 2020! It looked a little different this year but that was no reason not to have fun with it! * Extra happy with our candy shoot!! 

With school started and my husband in the groove of working from home - I am enjoying how our new world is shaping up!


We just celebrated my birthday, our youngest daughter turning 1! and our five year old in full swing of loving Kindergarten!  I'm am thrilled with just how much she is enjoying school and how fast she is absorbing her lessons. With everyone in a good groove it is time to add myself into the mix (my work self - mom self is always on!) 

I've had my first few experiences filming with the covid-19 precautions and it was really very comforting. The rules are simple to follow and allow us the freedom to work again which for me and many others is a breath of fresh air!  It feels so good to be moving and engaging in person with a small group of people excited and happy to be working again too. 

stay safe & healthy xo I'll update again soon! 

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