After graduating high school I began my exploration into the world of performing arts. Acting in college branched into community theatre and I was hooked - the comradery, the creativity, the stories and performances - it was magic. Those experiences led to a curiosity and love for camera work, and an opportunity to audition for a student film presented itself which opened the door to several other student projects and a number of independent films. Soon I found myself commuting to Los Angeles regularly while based in Orange County. 
While in California I wrote and produced several shorts, a travel show (exploring home towns across America), a treatment for a full length film and a treatment for a procedural episodic. As the 2000's were coming to an end I had the great pleasure of debuting a play by playwright and friend Sherwood Kiraly before making the move to New York.

 Feeling theatre held the next step in my life as an actor I took a leap of faith.  After several months of background work and going through my savings I returned to the restaurant industry. The world of performing arts was still calling and I managed to make time for classes. Attending Atlantic Theatre part time from 2012-2013, taking workshops and seeing as many shows on, off and off off Bway as I could. I ended my 15 year stretch in the restaurant industry (between both coasts) behind the bar of a five star hotel on 5th avenue.  

Over the last five years along with acting I have 'stayed home' with our girls and am reminded every day 'who' I am within my family unit. I am confident that we as a family are going to look back at this time in our lives as one that was formative and very important. I cant help but be grateful for our time over the last year during the pandemic.


In order to ready myself for whatever is coming next I have been training with Working Actor's Studio and am thrilled. Once a week I get to present something I have been working on and it has been the consistency and 'space' I needed to grow.  I am a different actor thanks to them and I cannot wait to see where we go from here. 

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